This page explains the focus of my work in  The Pennsylvania State University Electrical Engineering Department  (2009-2011) before accepting an offer at Hoppmann Audio Visual in Northern Virginia (April 2011).




My PSU Lab: Penn State’s NEW Microwave Engineering Lab
Room 329, Electrical Engineering East building
University Park, PA 16802
*Also houses the EE Department’s Anechoic Chamber (20ft x 10ft x 10ft)



My Employment in the Microwave Engineering Lab:
I began in August 2009 as a part-time Laboratory Developer updating & expanding the EE432 (Microwave Engineering) lab curriculum for Dr. Julio Urbina, the incoming EE432 instructor after Dr. Lynn Carpenter’s retirement.  After receiving my B.S.E.E. in December 2009, I decided to continue my work developing/maintaining the Microwave Engineering Lab, expanding the EE432 lab curriculum, and I accepted the EE432 Teaching Assistantship appointment for Spring 2010.

Laboratory DeveloperElectrical Engineering Dept., Pennsylvania State University (8/2009 - 8/2010, Spring 2011)

    Renovated Penn State’s Microwave Engineering Laboratory.

    Modernized and expanded the EE432 (Microwave Engineering) laboratory curriculum.

    Trained students to operate lab equipment (Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, etc.).

Teaching Assistant, EE432 Electrical Engineering Dept., Pennsylvania State University (Spring 2010)

    Provided ALL laboratory instruction for the senior/grad-level course, EE432 (Microwave Engineering).

    Authored course lab activities (15% of course grade) and guided students through the design, fabrication, and testing of a 2.4GHz, +15dB balanced power amplifier (25% of course grade).

    Assisted students in the use of Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) software for RF circuit simulation and PCB layout simulation.

    Developed an ADS 2009 software tutorial.

ee432_01_cropped.JPG  ee432_03.JPG  mylab_03.JPG




Anechoic ChamberElectrical Engineering Dept., Pennsylvania State University

Dimensions = (20ft x 10ft x 10ft)

AnechoicChamber_1.JPG   AnechoicChamber_2.JPG   AnechoicChamber_3.JPG   AnechoicChamber_4.JPG




EE432 Lab PicturesStudents working hard on their Final Project for EE432: the design, fabrication, and testing of a 2.4GHz, +15dB balanced power amplifier (25% of course grade).
*See the entire photo album here.

ee432_05.JPG   ee432_06.JPG   ee432_16   ee432_07.JPG

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