Introduction: (written 1-6-2008)
I stumbled upon this project a few weeks ago when I was in my friend's tool shed.  I made it for him several years ago to help with an HVAC problem in his basement.  I had completely forgotten about it.  It makes me think of all the other obscure projects I've made over the years that are lost to history (either thrown away or disassembled for parts).  I had my camera with me so I stopped what I was doing and took a few pictures.

+12V Fixed DC Power Supply

Devin R Ott
Design - November 2002
Final Assembly - November 2002

Designed & constructed to power two 12V computer fans from a standard 120Vac source.  The fans were installed in my friend's basement to encourage airflow through a ventilation shaft near a wood-burning stove.  I had all the necessary parts in my office/workshop so I threw it together in an hour or so with little concern for design quality or safety - though I did add an LED indicator so he knew when it was turned on (a.k.a. plugged in).


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