Introduction: (written 9-4-06)
This circuit is designed to power a SONY bookshelf stereo system. The stereo is powered by either by 115Vac or by six 1.5V C-type AA batteries in it's battery compartment. This power supply circuit intercepts the battery-to-stereo connection and feeds 9.2Vdc to the stereo by regulating an external source of 11Vdc to 40Vdc.

+9Vdc 1.5A Power Supply for SONY Bookshelf Stereo

Devin R Ott
Designed & Constructed - May 2006

Designed to power a SONY stereo boombox from an external 11V to 40V unregulated DC source.


Final Prototype


Installation near internal battery compartment (Before & After)


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2007, Devin R. Ott