Introduction: (written 1-6-2008)
I've had this circuit planned out for a while now but I just haven't found the time to work on it.  And as the committed leader of the AES Amplifier Design Project, I'm afraid I won't have any time for this project in the foreseeable future.  Below is some documentation of a voltage-controlled low-pass filter that would utilize the remaining analog multiplier on the MLT04 chip used in another part of the circuit to multiply the three LED voltage's by the engine-coefficient.  I really wish I had time to explain the incredibly awesome design features of my Grand Unified Automotive Circuit.

My Grand Unified Automotive Circuit

Devin R Ott
Design - TBA
Final Assembly - TBA

Description: This circuit combines all of my current automotive circuits under a single control structure with even more functions.

Here's some prototyping pics of the voltage-controlled low-pass filter I tested in January 2007.  It's a great design & makes good use of the otherwise unused section of the quad MLT04 analog multiplier employed in another part of the circuit.


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