PVCspeaker.JPG2-Way Loudspeaker PVC Towers
- Originally designed by John Heake in 2002.  [Learn More]

Every couple of years the Penn State Audio Engineering Society offers a day-long speaker building event that is open to all students who are interested in constructing his/her own set of these unique PVC Loudspeakers.

I got the parts in February 2008 and did most of the construction that day, but I didn’t actually get around to assembling my speakers until November 2009.  They’ve been in my lab (PSU Microwave Engineering Lab) ever since.  Needless to say, they are very popular among the students and faculty members who frequent my lab.

These speakers sound REALLY good and have excellent bass response.

Here is the slideshow handout that guides you through the construction steps.




PVCspeakers1.JPG   PVCspeakers2.JPG   PVCspeakers3.JPG


PVCspeakers4.JPG   PVCspeakers5.JPG   PVCspeakers6.JPG



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