Logic-Controlled Relay

Devin R. Ott
Designed & Constructed October 2011


A simple transistor switching/relay circuit I designed, tested, & assembled [in 4 hours of personal time] to satisfy a contract deliverable in a touch-panel-controlled audio system I programmed for my company. It allows the digital logic output from a BSS Audio processor to trigger on/off the powered speakers hanging from the auditorium ceilings.


Each of the four speakers were getting power from Furman power controllers which are triggered by contact closure, NOT digital logic. It was a design mistake by the consultant firm who contracted my company for the install/programming.


My company won the bid, and I did the programming. I put together this solution to expedite completion of the job so my company could get paid. A much preferred option than squabbling with the consultants over the design discrepancy.


Final Assembly:

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